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Consumer Lists
Equifax, the largest, most comprehensive consumer database in the world delivers more than 100 different selects on more than 100 million US households. From purchase history to demographics and lifestyles, our consumer file delivers the precision you need to expand your view of your customers and prospects and target direct marketing programs that generate the optimum results.

Resident / Occupant Lists
ADVO's Residential List (115 million households) reaches virtually 100% of every U.S. household in every Zip Code throughout the country. This is typically the least expensive mailing list available.

This address file is updated every month in conjunction with the U.S. Post Office, making it the freshest, most deliverable mailing list available. You will have the ability to order addresses by Carrier Route, ZIP, County or State. Our Resident/Occupant File does not contain names of residents. Records are addressed to "Resident" or "Occupant" at an address. It is ideal for saturation mailings, especially since this list qualifies for the lowest available postage rates. The list is fully "walk sequenced", which allows for the lowest postage rate available from the Post Office. This means the records are delivered to you in the same sequence a mail carrier delivers the mail. Since we have done much of the sorting work for the Post Office, the Post Office passes its cost savings on to you.

Business / Professional Lists
Our Business Lists from D&B include over 18 million individual company names and addresses and more than 15 million senior and middle-management executives by title.

This fast and easy way to reach your target market provides you with all of the company information you need to conduct targeted lead generation and get the best results for your marketing dollar. Our experienced consultants will help you determine the best sales and marketing lists selection from the business databases. Choose from a variety of marketing list selections including geography, employee size, line of business, sales volume and industry-specific selectors to target prospects with precision.

Real Property Lists
Axciom Real Property Advantage database offers extensive property data and consumer information for true, verified homeowners, not inferred homeowners from modeled data.

Compiled directly from county recorder and assessor files, the file empowers marketers to target prospects with optimum selectivity, offering a wide range of geographic and demographic selects, extensive home purchase and loan data, and specific property details, such as lender name, home size, available equity, loan amount, current market value, owner type, property type and more. Real Property Advantage contains more than 70 million parcels and covers more than 75% of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the country.

Student Lists
Our ASL student database offers you the largest, most authentic lists of students available. We make it easy to target your promotions with pinpoint accuracy. You can organize your selections in a variety of ways including: zip, county, sectional center and state, gender, age and class year. Many lists also include telephone numbers--further enhancing your marketing potential.

New Homeowners Consumer Lists
New homeowners are highly responsive, active purchasers who typically spend more on home goods and services in the first six months than established homeowners will in years-often as much as 500% more! This is the time when new homeowners are establishing their buying patterns, looking for retailers, securing professional services, taking on home improvement projects and outfitting their homes. HomeData offers the most recent data available on this highly marketable segment. The comprehensive database contains over 13 million clean and marketable records with over 75,000 new records compiled nationwide each week and new counties added every month. Data includes demographic variables such as original purchase price, mortgage amount, lender name, mortgage type, property type, and length of residence, to name a few.

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