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Job Name:

Mailing List supplied to DMS via:
  Disk, E-mail or Web
  Purchase Mailing List through DMS
  Cheshire Labels
  1-UP Continuous PS Labels
  Laser Print 8 1/2"h x 11"w Sheet PS Labels
Note: Customer lists sent via
electronic format will receive
higher postage savings.

Data Prep:
  Special Selectivity Criteria
(Ex. Random or Maximum Records, Zip code or other code selection, Nth selection, etc.)
  Merge/Purge (Duplicate Elimination)
  NCOA (National Change of Address)

Presort (includes CASS Coding):
  First Class-Single Piece Rate with No Presort
  First Class Presort
  Standard (formerly 3rd Class Bulk Rate)

Postage Medium:
  DMS Indicia — Permit No. 93, Lehigh Valley PA
  Customer Indicia — Permit No. City, State
  Meter Affix Postage
  Affix Stamps

Note: Height & Width is calculated in relation to the horizontal positioning
of the mailing address label.

  Single Card Finished Size "h x "w
  Folded Card Finished Size "h x "w
  Brochure/Flyer Finished Size "h x "w
  Catalog Finished Size "h x "w No. of pages
  Magazine Finished Size "h x "w No. of pages

  Single Tab
  Double Tab
  Clear Tab
  White Tab
Note: To qualify for postal barcode discounts,
folded letter-size (up to 6 1/8"h x 11 1/2"w) self-
mailers must be tabbed.


Envelope with Inserts:
Outside Envelope:    Regular    Window
  # 7 3/4 (3 7/8"h x 7 1/2"w)
  # 10 (4 1/8"h x 9 1/2"w)
  6"h x 9"w
  9"h x 12"w
  Other Size: "h x "w
  Envelope is Baronial/Invitation style.
  Envelope is "booklet style." (Flap running along the longer side of envelope.)
  Envelope is "catalog style." (Flap running along the shorter side of envelope.)
Note: Envelope must be "booklet style" to be machine inserted.

Inserting into Envelope Specifications:
Number of Inserts
Description of each inserted piece (from back to front)

  Matching: Explain the data that will be matched with what component(s) in the mailing.
Ex. Outside envelope name/address matched to reply card name/address and also matched to personalized letter name/address.

  Custom Hand Assembly:

  Laser Personalization:
Laser personalize letters:
  8 1/2"h x 11"w   8 1/2"h x 14"w
  One Side   Two Sides
  Supply DMS with Paper/Letterhead   DMS to supply Paper/Letterhead

  Printing of one or more components:

Other Notes:

Contact Information:
Preferred method of contact:   E-mail     Fax     Phone
First Name:
Last Name:
State, ZIP:

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