A family-owned operation with nearly a century of experience.

Since 1984, with the purchase of the Diocesan Mailing System — which specialized in church-related mailing, printing and fulfillment — DMS has been involved with the rapid development of automation in our industry.

In 1988, DMS purchased Keystone Mailers to increase our commercial competitiveness. The same year, we moved to our current home in Allentown, Pa., a larger facility with close access to a regional postal center and a major highway network.

Today we share data processing, production and distribution resources with two sister companies, including Penn State Paper and Box Co., a wholesaler of industrial and retail paper and packaging. Our other sister company, The Conestoga Company, Inc., is the manufacturer of the famous Big-Bang® Cannons with worldwide distribution. This arrangement enables us to operate far more efficiently and pass on the savings to you.

The flexibility to respond to every direct mail need.

As the last stop before the postal service, DMS is committed to protecting your investment by making sure that every detail is just right — whether you’re a large, mid-sized or small company; a non-profit organization or an educational institution; an ad agency or a printing company or broker.

Our ongoing investment in the most advanced equipment and systems keeps us on the accelerated pace of today’s business world. But the key to our success, and to the success of your direct mail initiative, is the performance of our people. They’re trained to follow a job through from start to finish — or shift gears and attend to a specific detail of another job. Their flexibility and autonomy make them more accountable, and we reward their problem-solving initiative. In effect, our employees have a personal stake in our operation and your direct mail piece.

Performance built on personal commitment.

Every assignment is an opportunity for us to increase our knowledge of our industry and yours — and apply that knowledge to the next assignment. Our excellent working relationship with the post office enables us to anticipate and resolve situations before they become problems. And because we’re direct mail specialists, not part of a larger entity with a broader focus, you’ll work directly with the owners and our customer service staff every step of the way.

Personal commitment … there’s no better way to earn your confidence and guarantee your satisfaction.

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