Consumer Lists

Reach consumers at their home address. Use a Consumer list to target individuals by data attributes like age, income, gender, home value, buying activity, ethnicity, households with children, etc. Consumer lists are updated every 30 to 60 days and are compiled from a variety of public record sources as well as proprietary and self-reported data. Personalization and targeting options include geographic, demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional selections.
  • The Acxiom InfoBase Consumer File® is compiled from sources that include public records, real property data, transactional data, and more.
  • The Epsilon TotalSource Plus Consumer File® is compiled from sources that include consumer response surveys, directories, questionnaire data, and more.
  • The Experian ConsumerView Consumer File® is compiled from sources that include behavioral data, online activity, psychographic/lifestyle data, purchase transactions, and more.
  • The KBM Group AmeriLINK Consumer Database® is compiled from sources that include purchase transactions, state license files, survey data, voter registration data, and more.

Data Services

  • Customer File Suppression
Prevent the names of your current customers from appearing within the prospect lists you order with DMS by using our Customer File Suppression service.

Student Lists

Find new youth marketing opportunities with student mailing lists from DMS. Our lists of high school and college students are accurate, reliable, and can be easily targeted—so you reach exactly the right teens and young adults for your business.

Search from teens, college-bound seniors, college students, and young adults ages 16–25 that have completed an online profile and opted in to receive promotional emails. 

Resident / Occupant Lists

Reach every mailable residential and/or business address within a given geographical area. Use a Resident/Occupant list if your offer is general in nature and does not require extensive personalization or targeting. Resident/Occupant data, which is also referred to as Saturation Data, is updated monthly and is sourced directly from the United States Postal Service®. This type of data offers mailers an opportunity to receive substantial postal discounts based on the level of carrier route saturation that is achieved.

Business / Professional Lists

Reach places of business at their mailing address. Use a Business list to target businesses by data attributes such as SIC codes, employee size, and sales volume. In most cases, Business lists are updated monthly and are compiled from a variety of public and private record sources including credit data, government registrations, legal filings, media/news resources, and professional journals. Extensive personalization and targeting options include geographic, firmagraphic, franchise, and title/job function selections.

Prospect Email Marketing

With the ability to select from hundreds of consumer attributes and access the highest-quality, opt-in email lists, our targeted data is the foundation for high-performing email campaigns. Couple that with our sharp creative team, and you’ve got a recipe for superior acquisition email marketing. Our database utilizes a rigorous email data vetting and approval process, maintains 100% CAN-SPAM compliance, and follows all ANA guidelines. Features testing, deployment & tracking reports – showing number opened & click-through rate. See how you can reinforce your call-to-action and drive customer responses with digital mail previews that are tied to physical mailpieces arriving in mailboxes soon.

Targeted Data Lists

Targeted Data identifies consumers that possess a specific quality. Use Targeted Data to identify verified homeowners, consumers that have just moved, or consumers that are preparing to move. Targeted lists are updated on a variable schedule and are compiled from a variety of public records sources including county recorder data, new utilities connections, and website registrations. Extensive personalization and targeting options include geographic, demographic, and psychographic selections.
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